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CONFORM is fully focused on creating beautiful furniture, meant to be loyal companions in your life. Their focus on the high specialization within their pieces has created a rational, yet handcrafted aspect to their pieces. Eyes inspect & hands examine to make sure everything reaches the right level of quality.

Th FJORDS collection is ready for the future, where technology and craftsmanship go hand in hand. With modern designs inspired by old Norwegian traditions, nature, and history, this manufacturer has been supplying comfortable, quality pieces since 1941.

ZEDERE's roots go back to 1956 when the "grandfather" started a leather tannery, which i still owned and run by the family to this day. Striving to constantly improve the with each product, Zedere believes you will be proud to have bought the best quality furniture money can buy.

For more information about a particular piece, please contact us.

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